Download Argyll Color Management System Source Code

From this page, you can access the source  ZIP archive of the latest stable code release. The stable release has been tested on a number of platforms. The zip archive will create a top level directory called Argyll_V1.6.3 and place all the source files within this.

This is Version 1.6.3, a bug fix update to V1.6.2 released on 19th November 2013. The first public release of Argyll was made in July 2000. Code development commenced in 1995. See Changes Summary for an overview of changes since the last release. Changes between revisions is detailed in the log.txt file that accompanies the source code.

Please see the documentation for details on how to compile, install and use the software.

Because releases tend to be only every 6 or 12 months, available here is the source for whatever I'm currently working on. It probably won't compile, it probably won't run, if it does run, it probably has bugs, inconsistencies, debugging turned on etc. It may be out of date compared to the last release. Play with at your own risk etc.