Create film recorder TIFF files from an Argyll .ti1 device test values.


filmtarg [-v] [-r] [-g gamma] [-f format] basename
 -v            Verbose mode
 -r            Don't randomise patch location
 -g gamma      Gamma correction / linearization
 -f format     Select format from:
                        Acad_Full       [3656 x 2664]
                        Acad_Half       [1828 x 1332]
                        Cscope_Full    [3656 x 3112]
                        Cscope_Half    [1828 x 1556]
                        FullAp_Full     [4096 x 3112]
                        FullAp_Half    [2048 x 1556]
                        Vista_Full      [4096 x 6144]
                        Vista_Half      [2048 x 3072]
 basename      Base name for input[.ti1]/output[.ti2] and output TIFF files.


The TIFF files will have a name "basename.XXXX.tiff", where XXXX is the patch number.
The TIFF files generate are 16 bit, RGB files.