Convert Colorblind format CMY/RGB test chart information into Argyll .ti3 CGATS profile forma files. This allows the use of raw Colorblind profiling data, to be used for Argyll profile creation or validation..


cb2gcats [-v] [-l limit] inbasename outbasename
    -v                Verbose flag
    -l limit          Set and ink limit (TAC) in the resulting .ti3 file
    inbasename        Base name for input Colorblind .CMY and input. nCIE file
    outbasename       Base name for output.ti3 file.


Given the Colorblind files fred.CMY and fred.nCIE, and an ink limit of 280%, one would create the Argyll CGATs file device.ti3 file thus:

cb2ti3 -l 280 fred device


This tool only handles RGB or CMY files, and nothing else.
There is no extra output when the verbose flag is used.
Because the two Colorblind files are specified by a basename., they must reside in the same directory.