Many commercial and research electronic color correction systems have been developed over the years, but all state-of-the-art systems are proprietary, and their technology is jealously guarded. This makes this interesting subject area a difficult one to both explore, and to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Argyll was written to allow me to improve my understanding and expertise in the color area, and as a platform to try out ideas for alternate approaches to electronic color correction, as well as developing new advanced features.

I hope that by making the source code available under "Free" and "Open Source" licenses, that other researchers and experimenters will also find it of interest and value. I also hope that it may be attractive as a software platform on which future research and advances in electronic color correction systems can be based.

To complement this aim, I hope at some stage to turn my notes made in the creation of this software into a more readable explanation of how Argyll works, and the principles on which it is based.