Downloading Named Color Palettes

The Named Color and Named Color Swatch Readouts will match the measured color to the closest color in the selected Named Color Palette library.
ColorMeter supports two Named Color Palette file formats: ICC, and cxf version 2 or version 3.

A very limited number of free Named Color libraries come pre-installed with ColorMeter, currently just the W3C Extended colors.

A source of the popular Pantone® 3rd party commercial Named Color sets, is to purchase a copy of Pantone Color Manager where you can export the libraries you want to use in cxf format using the "Save as..." menu item, and then Download them to ColorMeter.
[ Note that it is not possible to use any of Pantone's Mobile Apps for this purpose. ]

If you have an X-Rite or Pantone instrument such as the i1Pro 2 or i1Display Pro etc., then it may have come with a copy of Pantone Color Manager - check the included software.

To download a library, either locate it using a web browser on your Android Device, and download it, or connect your Android Device to your Host Computer using a USB cable and connect as a media device (MTP), and then copy the palette file from the host computer to the Internal Storage/Download folder. ColorMeter will copy it to its internal location automatically, when you open the Named Palettes selection menu.

You can also use the oemdnld utility to make files available for dowload from your Android browser, but you have to run it from the command line, and provide the list of files to download as arguments.

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