Configurations Menu

Access the Configurations Dialog from the Measurement View Config menu button.

Configurations Menu

The Configurations Menu provides a quick way of restoring from one of the saved configurations. Initially the saved configurations will consist of the list of Presets that are created the first time ColorMeter is started. Touching a configuration will restore it.

Use the Options button to open the Options Dialog, which allows configuring miscelanious optional User Interface & Instrument Behavior.

Use the Manage button to open the Configuration Dialog to modify, rename, reorder, delete, restore or add your own saved configurations.

The tick mark will be set on the last Configuration restored, and the name will be shown in Green if it is unaltered. If you change the configuration in some way (i.e. by adding, deleting or modifying Readouts, or changing other options), then the last Configuration name will be the same color as the other selections.

To quickly save make a change to a configuration menu item, first restore from it, make the desired changes in Readouts and/or configuration, then long press it in the configuration menu to save it back. A Toast will confirm that it has been saved.

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