Manage Configurations Dialog

Access the Configurations Dialog from the Measurement View Config menu "Manage" button.

What is a Configuration ?

A configuration is the choice, arrangement and setup of the Readouts, as well as the instrument mode, and other miscellaneous options.

They exist in three different levels:

Configuration Groups

Note that the current Configuration is temporary, and will be lost if a Saved Configuration is restored.

Managing Configurations

Configurations Dialog

Presets, Export and Import

A - Long press this to restore all the preset configurations name and state.

B - Export the currently chosen saved configuration to a file in the Download directory.

C - Import a configuration from a file in the Download directory into the list of saved configurations.

Exporting and importing a configuration to a file, allows you to exchange useful configurations with other ColorMeter users.

Saving and Restoring Dialog

D - The pull-down menu shows a list of saved ColorMeter configurations. A configuration includes the Readout arrangement and settings, as well as the Instrument mode and Display calibration selection, and so is a convenient way switching ColorMeter between different common tasks. The topmost item is always the Original Default configuration, which can't be renamed, re-ordered or changed. Below this are all the preset and user created configurations.

The configuration that was last saved to or restored from will be underlined in the menu list.
The Save and Restore buttons will be un-grayed if the selected configuration is different to the current ColorMeter configuration.
Items in Purple are preset configurations. These can be re-ordered, changed, renamed or deleted just like any other saved configuration, but will be restored to their original name and state if the Restore Presets button is long pressed.

E - To delete a saved configuration select it in the menu and touch Delete.

F - To re-order the saved configurations, use the Up and Down arrow buttons.

G - To create a new configuration and save the current state to it, touch New and type a name for the configuration and touch Done.

H - To rename a saved configuration, select it in the menu & touch Rename.

I - To save the current configuration over an existing configuration, select it in the menu and touch Save.

J - To restored a saved configuration to be the current configuration, select it in the menu and touch Restore.

K - Touch the Done button to dismiss the dialog.

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