Downloading Display Calibrations and Instrument Firmware

Some instruments come with files that are either needed for their operation, or enhance their operation, and you will need to download these files  to your Android Device to make use of them.

A special utility oemdnld is provided to run on your computer, to allow these files to be transferred from the original instrument manufacturers CD to your Android device:

De-archive the utility, insert the instrument OEM CD into your computer, and run the oemdnld executable. It will pop up a local web page in your browser, and indicate what local URL it can be found at, and what OEM files it has found to download. Open the web page on your Android device and download each of the files you want to install. ColorMeter should notice the files in the download location and install them automatically.

If you do not have an OEM CD, or do not have a CD drive on your computer, then you will need to download from the instrument manufacturer, or copy from the OEM CD, the MSWindows install executable file (typically the setup.exe file) and run oemdld with the file path to that file as an argument. This can be done from a command line shell, or by creating a shortcut to oemdld, and then modifying the shortcut to supply setup.exe as the argument. You may need to set oemdld to start in the same folder as the setup.exe file.

OEM download utility

On some systems you may have to modify your machines firewall or internet permissions to allow port 8080 to be accessed by your Android Device.

To download a custom .ccss or .ccmx, connect your Android Device to your Host Computer using a USB cable and connect as a media device (MTP), and then copy the file from the host computer to the Internal Storage/Download folder. ColorMeter should notice it and copy it to the correct internal folder. You will have to disconnect and then re-connect an instrument for the display calibration mode menu to update to the installed calibrations.

You can also use the oemdnld utility to make specific files available for dowload from your Android browser, but you have to run it from the command line, and provide the list of files to download as arguments.

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