This Readout is based on the Radiation Protection Standard for Occupational Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation (2006)
To be accurate, the instrument must must be capable of capturing all significant light exposure over the 180 - 400 nm wavelength range, or alternatively, you must establish by some other means that there is no significant light at wavelengths that the instrument cannot measure. The Readout will not show a value if the instrument is not capable of measuring at least down to 350nm.

Note that the only two instruments currently supported that measure into the UV range are the JETI specbos 1211 that measures down to 350nm, and the JETI specbos 1211 UV that measures to 250nm.

Typically irradiance (Ambient) measurement mode should be used.

The units are the maximum 24 hour exposure time, with a maximum value displayed of 8 hours.

Due to the limitations of the wavelengths covered by supported instruments, it is strongly recommended that this reading not be solely relied upon for establishing safety or otherwise of UV light exposure.

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