RGB/CMY Adjustment

The RGB/CMY adjustment Readout displays the difference between the chosen Readout Source and the Reference Measurement as an adjustment amount in RGB or CMY space. It requires a White Reference value to establish the white brightness and neutral point for delta E calculation, and uses either the Red, Green and Blue Primary References, or the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Primary References, or falls back to default values if they have not been measured.

By default the Readout shows the direction and magnitude of adjustment needed to minimize the Total (Full) Color difference. The Δ value is the DeltaE76 from the reference, which you will be aiming to minimize.

RGB Adjustment

The configuration options let you to select whether you are making an adjustment to RGB or CMY primaries, and if you want to minimize the Total (Full) Color difference, or just the Chromaticity error without wishing to change the Luminance. The latter is useful if Luminance is not adjustable because you are adjusting a display white point and want to maximize display Luminance, etc.

RGB/CMY Adjust Options

If one channel adjustment is at it limit with Chromaticity adjustment, then adjust the other two channels in the direction indicated, and the remaining channel suggestion will automatically fall into line. The Δ value is the DeltaE76 from the reference ignoring the Luminance error.

RGB Chromaticity Adjustment

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