Argyll Color Management System Mailing List Details

A mailing list has been setup to allow those interested in the development and use of Argyll and icclib to converse.

This is the primary avenue for support.

As well as discussion usage of the tools, bug reports and other tips, there is also discussion of Argyll internals and operation.
New versions will be announced on the list.
Take a look at the archives to get an idea of the typical contents.

If you are unfamiliar with mailing list etiquette, please take the time to read the following:
[ Summary: A mailing list is not a substitute for trying to help yourself first.
  If you want high quality help, then you need to ask high quality questions.
  Low quality questions may well be ignored, and flooding the list with one line questions or responses may lead to you being moderated or unsubscribed from the list.
  Note that there is a 200K Bytes limit on total mail size, so any large contents need to be links. ]

See <> to sign up up to the list.

Archives are at <>.

Posts go , but PLEASE NOTE that you must be subscribed and mail from the same email address as you subscribed to, to be able to post.