Commercial Use and non-GPL Licensing

Most of the source code and provided executable files are copyrighted works, licensed under the GNU licence, and while this license permits them to be freely used, they (or works derived from them) can't be copied or sold without providing the source code.  For all the gory details, please read the accompanying licence.

Code that is copyrighted by me (Graeme Gill), which composes the vast majority of the Argyll CMS, may be available for licensing on terms other than the GPL, so that it may be incorporated in closed source products. For more details on the availability, terms and conditions of such non-GPL licensing, please

Note that at the current time (2015), only a limited portion of the code is available for licensing in this way (self contained libraries such as the Integer MultiDimensional Interpolation code imdi, for instance), simply because I'm not in a position to provide the level of support that all of the current code base would demand were it licensed in this way.

Graeme Gill.